Magic Holdem will be the most recent entry in the poker calculator industry. With sharp appearing displays, and fast programming on the wide variety of your favorite poker websites, this poker calculator will execute the mathematical functions you would expect an online poker calculator to do.

There in nevertheless, lies the webet188dua and the not so great about presenting a brand new poker calculator. Let’s assume this isn’t a knock off of borrowed programming from holdem genius. Since they really do operate in a similar way, it could be a completely feasible market strategy to attempt to capture more marketshare. I’d have no problem with that strategy. Buy as many services and products around as possible and decide to try and control your competition.

On the other hand, in case this program was designed specifically for magic holdem where would be the shareholders getting their research from? They shouldn’t have realized that mathematical calculators are in abundance and gives up the very same advice as will the subsequent one. Marketing 101 – entering homogenous market is really a tough market to crack without some type of distinct advantage. It’s like purchasing a dozen eggs deciding between six unique packages. As simple as Magic Holdem operates, it’s absolutely not distinct.

Iam not saying it’s not a good item, but it doesn’t bring anything new into the current market, and in that way there are better options. Poker Spy and Holdem Indicator have tracking abilities within their software that proceed beyond the mathematical mode poker calculators. This makes Holdem Indicator and Poker Spy empirical poker calculators that are far more valuable in which they offer up advice about your own competitions, not just the math of the game – although they accomplish this as well.

This begs the issue again. Why are they still making applications that’s purely mathematical? Note to designers and investors – Add features or options to a product that may differentiate your solution and add critical characteristics that could enhance a person’s match.

I get poker calculator program to reassess and am always amazed at how little designers are making time for the marketplace. Because it is, software like Holdem Indicator will last to reap the advantages of others’ ignorance about this current market, since it’s at the forefront of design layout and seamless programming. I just wish they would get up so we could have more competition.